1.5 Liter Oat M!lk Concentrate

CHF 25.00

FREE SHIPPING from 3 packages à 1.5l 

No more heavy hauling. Much less packaging.
Climate neutral & animal friendly.

What more could you want? Oh – I forgot to mention: it also tastes super delicious! 🙂

Pay close attention, now come the ingredients: Oat, sunflower oil, pea protein.
And that’s it. We are not (yet) certified organic, but all the ingredients are!

The 1.5 liter box with its practical tap fits perfectly in the refrigerator door and you make a whole 12 liters of oat milk with it.

Once opened, you have 3 months to use it up. Unopened oat m!lk concentrate even has a shelf life of one year.



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